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Quality Assurance Services - Product and production quality inspections and audits in Israel



(Sizes here are US Standard but should be used as a general guide in Israel.)

Range top (no hood) to cabinet — 30" (minimum)
Range top (with hood) to cabinet — 24"(minimum)
Refrigerator with top or bottom freezer —
Refrigerator with side-by-side storage — 30 -
36"W x 24"D
Storage (refrigerator/freezer) —12 cubic feet for two
people (add 2 cu. ft. per additional family member)
Trash compactor- 15"W X 24"D
Wall oven, single- 21 -24"W X 21% -227ie"D X 23%-
Wall oven, double- 21 -24"W X 21% -22"/i,,"D X 39V4-
50% "H
Wall oven, with broiler - 21 - 24"W X 21%-


Backsplash area —15 - 18"H
Distance between cabinet drawers and cabinet
comer—3" (minimum)
Distance between sink and cabinet comer —12"
Sink, single bowl -11% - 33"W X 3 - 22% "D
Sink, double bowl - 28 - 46"W X 16 - 25"D
Sink, triple bowl - 43 - 54"W X 22"D
Sink clearance — 22 - 30" from sink rim to cabinet over
Sink counter space (for right-handers) — 30" counter
space to right of sink; 24" to left (reversed for left-
Storage (area) —18 square feet of cabinet space
(minimum; add 6 square feet per family member)
Storage (linear) — 20 running feet of cabinet/appliance
tops (minimum)
Wall-hung-12-15"D X 9-42"H X 12-48"W


Baking center-30"D X 36"W X 33-34"H
Bar-height — 42 - 45" from floor
Countertop-height — 36" from floor
Desktop — 30" from floor
Desktop light —10 -12" below eye level
Edge extension — 1%" beyond base cabinets
Heatproof space needed each side of range —
18" (minimum)
Height, standard—36"
Length (per person, seated) — 21"
Stool seat height —12" below counter bottom
Table-height - 28 - 32" from floor
Toe space — 3"H X 4"D (minimum)
Work Triangle-12-22'
Range to refrigerator — 4 - 9'
Refrigerator to sink — 4 - 7'
Sink to range—4-6'



Bed, bunk-36"Wx76"D
Bed, double (no headboard) - 54"W X 75"D
Bed, double (with headboard)-59"W x 75"D
Bed, king (no headboard) - 78"W X 80"D
Bed, king (with headboard) - 83"W X 80"D
Bed, queen (no headboard) - 60"W X 80"D
Bed, queen (with headboard) - 64"W x 80"D
Bed, twin (no headboard) - 39"W x 75"D
Bed, twin (with headboard) - 44"W X 75"D
Chair, arm - 27 - 29"W X 27 - 29"D
Chair, for dinette table- 16"W X 16"D
Chair, for dining table - 18"W x 18"D
Chair, wing-33"W X 34"D
Chaise lounge - 90"W X 36"D
Lounge chair - 28 - 32"W X 30 - 36"D
Love seat - 50 - 60"W X 32 - 34"D
Night stand -15 - 32"W X 15"D
Organ, spinet-56"W X 24"D
Piano, baby grand-62"W X 58"D
Piano, music-room grand—60"W X 84"D^
Piano, upright-58"W X 24"D
Piano bench-28"Wxl2"D
Piano stool —18" diameter
Reclining chair - 30"W X 29 - 66"D (opened)
Table, dinette - 36"W X 48"D
Table, extension-36"W x 60-86"D
Table, round — 36 - 54" diameter
Television-36-50"W X 19-20"D


Bedroom, clear area needed for dressing — 42"W X 42"D
Bed to dressers — 36" (minimum)
Bed to wall or second bed, least-used side — 12" (minimum)
Bed to wall or second bed, most-used side — 22" (minimum)
Dining table to wall, no passageway — 28 - 32" (minimum)
Dining table to wall, passageway — 38" (minimum)
Dining table to wall, serving area — 42" (minimum)
Dining, floor space required per person —12 -15 square feet
Grouping furniture for conversation area — 10' diameter
Kitchen dining table to base cabinet—48" (minimum)
Seating, distance between facing — 60"
Traffic aisle, distance between furniture — 36"
Television and seating, distance between — 36"(minimum)



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